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Fundraising is quite a faith-adventure. When we first started out we secretly hoped for some kind of “Sugar Daddy” type of donor to show up and take care of all of our needs. However, we quickly learned that God has much better ideas about provision. Now we find ourselves supported by a various assortment of individuals, groups, and churches throughout the U.S. representing a wide range of age, class, ethnicity, and backgrounds. But the coolest thing is how God has a way of making sure we are diligent as stewards, yet continuously reminded that He is the one doing all of the providing. Recently we were on a trip where our actual church visit ended in a contribution that only covered the cost of our trip. However, we randomly met a person on that trip who made a significant pledge for monthly support. If we had not been on that trip we would have never met this person. So again, God requires us to be doing all that we can do. However, our efforts generated little results directly. Then came this provision out of the proverbial “thin air.” And God left us with little doubt about who is really running our fundraising campaign. It’s a wonderful lesson on the reality of living between the dialectical tension of God’s sovereignty and our responsibility.

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