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Well, here we go. We have finally made it to Prague, and now we actually have internet as well. So, I guess it is time that we start posting on our blog on a regular basis.

We have been here two weeks now and the transition has been quite a whirlwind. It would have been impossible to anticipate the various ways that this is true. For example, it is a significant transition to go from an automobile lifestyle to a public transportation lifestyle. Along with that one we are transitioning from a rural lifestyle to an urban lifestyle. Don’t forget the shift from American lifestyle to European lifestyle. We are literally making dozens of lifestyle changes all at once!

So, as you can imagine our first two weeks here has been full of all kinds of ups and downs, leeps and lurches, bursts and busts. Having said all of that, I believe that we are transitioning quite well! Things really could not go a whole lot smoother. Of course we have had some bumps here and there already, but we knew those would be coming. However, I doubt that we would have dared predict such success so early.

Consider the following: all three of us made it through jet lag fairly quickly; none of us experienced any significant sickness through the climate change and lack of sleep; we have already signed for our permanent apartment; we have already purchased cell phones; we have already picked up some second-hand furniture and baby supplies; I have already participated in a pastor’s conference in Slovakia; we have already participated in a park outreach put on by our church here; etc., etc., etc. Yes, as Eloise likes to say, “Life is good!”

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