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Jan Hus

Jan Hus
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Sometimes it helps us to go out and just act like tourists! That’s exactly what we were doing this day when I took this picture of Emily and Eloise standing in front of the Jan Hus statue in Old Town Square. You may not be able to tell in this photo, but Eloise loves Old Town Square!

Jan Hus (usually referred to as John Huss by English speakers) was a great Czech reformer in the late 14th and early 15th century. He was eventually burned at the stake as a heretic by the Roman Catholic church because he insisted on conducting his parish services in Czech instead of the traditional Latin. During the Russian occupation of the Czech Republic all of the religious statues in Old Town Square were removed. However, the massive size and weight of the foundation of the Hus statue created more of a problem. So, instead of removing the statue they chose to reinterpret Hus as one of the first communists in central Europe, an early prophetic socialist voice. When it comes to interpretation I guess we all choose convenience over accuracy at times!

One comment on “Jan Hus

  1. babydoc1030
    June 5, 2005

    Emily, you look so cute in your maternity clothes!

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