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Czech Domesticity Lesson Two

Czech Domesticity Lesson Two
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

You may ask: “What is this?” This, my dear family and friends is an official, top of the line, Czech Dryer. Simply lay your clothes on the rack, open the window, and wait anywhere from a few hours to overnight depending on the material of the clothing. Actually, they do sell dryers here, but from what I understand they are both inefficient and expensive so that the majority of native Praguers choose this option. I rather like drying our clothes this way! Except for when you only have one set of bed sheets and you need them to be dry by that evening! You can also see our kitchen, which is home to all major appliances including the washing machine. We have made the space quite comfortable and I think I will affectionately call it “The Servant’s Quarters”.


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