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Here’s a picture of Emily with her cool headset on! If you ever receive a phone call from us on Skype this is what we look like.

So, what is Skype? It’s free internet telephone that just works. Free? Yes, free! Well, kind of…it’s free from one Skype user to another. However, you can also buy Skypeout credit, and it works just like a phone card. A call to the states from the Czech Republic costs us about 2 cents per minute! Isn’t that amazing?

So, what’s the catch? Well, there really isn’t one. You have to have a fairly fast internet connection for it to work well. Preferably DSL or faster. Our connection is slightly slower than DSL speed and so the quality is not perfect. However, we have called on DSL connections and it sounds as clear as a local phone call! So, go ahead…e-mail us your phone number. Who knows? We may give you a call. After all, it’s only 2 cents a minute!


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