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Prague Castle at Night

Prague Castle at Night
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Here is a pictue of Prague Castle at night. Dad and I went out for the sole purpose of getting a picture of the castle lit up. We had to wait until 10:15 or so for it to finally get dark! In the end it was worth the wait though.

According to the “Guiness Book of World Records” Prague Castle is the largest “ancient castle” in the world. It is over 570 m long, and has an average width of 128 m. It dates back to the ninth century. Inside one sees a mixture of building styles that include several major architectual eras. This is due to the fact that through the centuries new rulers have often made additions in an effort to “leave their mark.”

We visited the castle on two different days and spent a few hours their each time. It was well worth the time investment. Yet, we still did not feel like we got to see everything!


One comment on “Prague Castle at Night

  1. Stefanie Wilkin
    July 10, 2005

    This is just great. When I come out there I really hope that we can go and visit this place. I would have waited to take that picture at night too.

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