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Czech Home Cookin’

Czech Spices
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I have had a few people ask me about the food situation in Prague…what is the food like, is it difficult to find things, etc. So I thought I would take a blog and give a brief description for anyone interested. For others, this will be extremely boring! As far as finding food we have a few options. There are large, super-walmart type stores that we can go to, but they are not very convenient for us (one takes close to 40 mintues one way to get to on the metro) so we have only visited them a couple of times and then we do not buy much because whatever we buy we have to take back on the metro! A few blocks away from us there is a smaller grocery store with just about everything we need in terms of food. However, right downstairs is a little market that most neighborhoods have. At it you can find just about everything you need with the exception of good fruits and vegetables and meats. Every neighborhood also seems to have a fruit and vegetable stand and a meat market. I love going to these places! They are so quaint and obviously frequented by the native Prague residents. There is a fruit and vegetable stand and a meat market right next to a playground so I can take Eloise to the park and on the way home get the fruit and vegetables and meat I need for the next day or so. Somehow I am able to point and they understand what I want! They have been very patient with me. At first it was a bit intimidating to think about preparing food at home. I had no idea what many of the packages said. What is flour in czech? Or sugar? Or sour cream? Or baking soda? And the list goes on. And measurements are completely different here. However, Daniela Augustine gave to me a small cookbook put together by another American living in Prague with so many of these details. I am so thankful for it and already feel right at home finding food and preparing it here in the Czech Republic! This picture is of different spice packets that you can purchase at the grocery store. Some of the spices such as “Rozmaryn” are obvious as to what they actually are. But then there are things like kyprici prasek and Muskatovy that are not so clear! It really is amazing how much you pick up so quickly when you are forced to learn…or eat KFC every night of the week! The grocery stores also have their own little culture. For the most part I have experience the Czech people to be pretty mild mannered and hospitable. For some reason the grocery store can feel like a war zone! I guess this is true in the US, too, though! The stores are smaller and every thing and every body is squeezed into a small space, which aggravates the situation. The main objective is to be fast, get what you need, and stay out of evryone’s way! And at the register you bag your own groceries and it is expected that you be fairly quick about it! There certainly is a trick to it! It is also pretty common to bring your own bags that are sturdier than what they provide. Being the slow southerner (US southerner!) that I am all of this has taken some getting used to! But then again…how much of this is just because I already feel intimidated because I understand nothing of what is being said around me! : )


One comment on “Czech Home Cookin’

  1. Stefanie Wilkin
    July 10, 2005

    Don’t worry Emily, your doing a great job. I can’t even cook in the United States where I can read the labels.. let alone where I could read them. Thats what I have Mark for ( ha ha ).

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