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Fresh Flowers and conversation

Fresh Flowers
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Eloise and I picked out this bundle of flowers for just 25 czech crowns or about 1 US dollar at a small flower stand on our way home from picking up some groceries. I put them in a beautiful flower vase that my new friend, Ann-marie, gave to me when we first met upon our arrival to Prague. She found the vase on a trip to Poland where they are famous for their beautiful pottery. I thought I would also add, which, has nothing to do with this picture, that I had my first complete conversation in Czech yesterday right before I purchased these flowers! Eloise and I were walking out of the grocery store when we passed by a little old lady who was struggling to get outside with her groceries. She began talking to me as I passed by. I stopped to listen (much to the frustration of those behind us–remember the last blog–stay out of everyone’s way!) and she began talking to me at length. I kept trying to explain to her that I did not know Czech because I did not want her to finish her entire discourse with a question only to find that she had wasted her breath on someone who literally did not understand anything she was saying. As she kept talking I nodded and even patted her arm trying to be understanding (of what, I have no idea) and then she just smiled told me good-bye! I know that phrase so I just said “good-bye!” back to her and we both walked away! She never knew I was not Czech! I guess that means I am blending in! I told Jon that we HAVE to hire a tutor to learn the language ASAP. If for no other reason I want to be able to say “epidural” to my nurses that speak only czech at the hospital when I am in labor!


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