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Conference on Character

Conference on Character
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This past weekend Project Antioch held a conference on character formation with Lamar Vest as the keynote speaker. Church of God Pastors and ministers from Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic attended. Jon was given the opportunity to share the vision of starting a ministry and discipleship training center that would have character formation as a primary focus. Pastors and ministers were given opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts. The conference was a great success with a large turnout and much participation. We really enjoyed being around this incredible group of frontline ministers for Christ. We look forward to many such encounters! It is indeed a priviledge. In this picture you can see Jon speaking to the group, which consists mostly of the pastors and minsters from the region. In the front row on your right you can see Lamar and Vicky Vest. On your left on the front row you can see Tom Rosson, educational coordinator for Eastern Europe, who also happened to be one of my teachers as the European Theological Seminary about 10 years ago (good grief…is that possible?). And if you look a little futher “around the corner” you will see a pregnant woman in a blue shirt. That’s me!


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