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Tram Stop

Tram Stop
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

We are getting accustomed to the tram system in the city. While we enjoy taking the underground metro we also appreciate a nice ride through the city above ground. Eloise loves to ride the tram! This is a picture of a tram stop as we wait for the correct tram to take us to our destination. The tram system…figuring out which number to take and which stop is right for your needs can be a little overwhelming. We are glad to be feeling more comfortable with this great mode of public transportation.


One comment on “Tram Stop

  1. real_raw_authentic
    July 21, 2005

    hey there..
    glad to hear your adjusting is going well! and, emily is so big now! i love you guy’s, and will contunie praying for you.. just know that you are missed, and we all love you, and are excited to see all that God is doing in Prauge. Gob Bless..
    ~Katie Sittter

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