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Parks, Friends, and Demonstrations

Parks, Friends, and Demonstrations
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Sunday afternoons when the weather is nice our church meets at Stramovka Park for fellowship. The rest of the group has grown quite fond of playing baseball so when they joined with a group of young teenage boys from Canada (who happened to be passing by in the park) and started swinging bats Eloise and I quickly made a dash for the playground area. We were followed by a few friends. Here you see Rebekah (from the US) on the left and Kathryn (from England) on the right. Eloise had a great time.

As usual we grabbed a tram to the park. We noticed more police than usual on the streets. On the way we came across a huge mass of people taking up an entire city block. They were all chanting and waving banners. Although they were quite peaceful at that time it seemed that their general emotion was one of anger. It was a little eery…to me at least.

When we got to the park the others already knew about the demonstration. Without going into great detail it seems that the people were a group of Nationalist Party members (often referred to as nazis or skinheads). Mostly young people, they were in the middle of a “Techno Party” when the police invaded their fun and many people were hurt on both sides. So now the group was marching on the police station and making a lot of noise.

Nazis having techno parties and making demonstrations? Well, you shouldn’t worry about this because no one else at the fellowship seemed to be! Just another exciting aspect of living in the city of Prague!


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