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Pregnant…v Praze (in Prague)

Pregnant…v Praze (in Prague)
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Today I had a doctor’s appointment and I thought I would take you along for the journey! This is a picture of the front of my hospital. We are heading into a rather hectic time for our family. We drive on Friday to Maastricht, Holland for Eurofest. When we get back Jon must go to a pastor’s retreat for a few days in Poland and then to Hungary for a Youth Camp. A week and a half after he returns our student Interns arrive from the US (yay!). About a month after they get here Lillian is due to arrive! So juggling a trip to the Dr, Prague style, and a czech lesson all in one day is just preparation for what lies ahead.

I am now going to see Dr. Krofta at Podoli Hospital for my appts, a good thing since this is where I will deliver so that way I am able to start getting comfortable and aquainted with the atmosphere. The appt. took longer than expected because Dr. Krofta was in delivery. For about an hour I was pretty stressed out because none of the nurses speak more than a few words of English. I had to fill out paperwork, etc. with very little ability to communicate. God sent an english speaking patient my way who helped point me in the right direction. However, I am sure it was quite a site to see me trying to answer their sometimes random questions such as explaining what my “job” is (“well I am really just trying to adjust to this culture, but I also have a 23 month old daughter, work in a church, and would like to start counseling english speakers eventually). In the end I let “housewife” work. I conjured up one czech phrase I know: “Mam holka” (I have a little girl). They were so patient with me and had a great sense of humor. But you really should have seen the nurses trying to explain that they needed a urine sample…that would have been a hoot.

So I made it through the whole experience, a little stressed, but very aware of God’s presence. Sure, I found out the extent (not much) that I can communicate with the staff. Sure, I found out about more fees we have to pay. Sure, my dr is insisting that I come for an appt on a day that Jon is out of town. But, on the way home as I was inserting my key to my apartment building I looked down the street to see Stonia walking toward me. Stonia is a woman with two children in their twenties who moved to Prague from Ireland recently. She is originally Czech although her husband, now deceased, was Irish. She attended Nick Park’s church in Ireland before she moved to Prague. I cannot convey the unlikelihood of running into Stonia at that precise moment ibn front of our apartment building. She hugged me, whipped out her calender and said: “No, problem! I will watch Eloise that day when you have to go to your appt and I can go with you to all of your appts if you need me to translate.” A coincidence? I don’t think so. God lets us know in so many small and large ways that He IS taking care of us. Stonia is also going with us to Maastricht (along with two other young girls). Her son is in charge of the music at Eurofest.

Well, this blog entry is very long. I will end it with a few facts about having a baby in Prague.
Did you know…
that there is a list of names from which native Czechs must choose from when naming their babies?

that you must give a name for a boy and a girl before the baby is born?

that you must bring all supplies needed for baby, such as diapers, clothes, etc. to the hospital as well as such random things as your own silverware?

that the absolute minimum stay in the hospital after a “normal” delivery is three days?

that you must reserve a room for these days ahead of time?

that care in Prague is up to standards with the “Western” world?

There you have it! If I learn anymore I will pass it along.


5 comments on “Pregnant…v Praze (in Prague)

  1. Anonymous
    August 3, 2005

    Amazing job on your Blog! I’ll definatly be coming back. If interested, my site is on the new xbox360.

  2. DaddysPrincess
    August 4, 2005


    Thank you so much for continuing to share your life with us as well as this journey. Love you guys!!

  3. babydoc1030
    August 5, 2005

    You are so brave! To maneuver through a new system in a strange language takes so much courage. I know that they will take great care of you and little Lillian after she arrives.

  4. real_raw_authentic
    August 6, 2005

    i am so glad you guy’s have a place wher you can tell us all about your experiences in prauge. i miss you guy’s so much.. how often to you have czhech lessons? you enjoying them? soon you will be speaking fluent czech, how exciting!! im so glad to hear about how much God is providing for you. im so excited for you guy’s, and all the ministry oppurtunities you’ve had,and so many more you have yet to come. I pray God will contunie to provide and Bless you guys. lots of love from california!

  5. Anonymous
    August 8, 2005

    Wow, I think that your experience is great. I really cannot wait until that baby comes along and then Mark and I can come over to visit. I know that you are such a strong woman and that you are going to do great during the Stefanie and Mark

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