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Eloise Riding High

Eloise Riding High
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Eloise likes to “go up high”, which can take many different forms including riding on Daddy’s shoulders, one of her favorites! Here she is riding on Daddy’s shoulders on the way back from the Saturday night service. Behind Jon and Eloise is the convention center at which the event took place. Our hotel was right next door.

Eloise was such a trooper for the entire trip. I just cannot express how pleasant she was. She rode in the car for 10 hours on Friday and then 10 hours on Sunday. She rarely complained or cried. She just sat back and enjoyed the journey. In Germany, there is rarely any speed limit on the “Autobahn”…the German interstate or freeway. As you can imagine Jon enjoyed this bit of freedom. At one point he had to make a quick decision to turn off of the interstate. After we rounded the corner Eloise said: “Whoooaaaa…that was crazy!” Eloise kept us entertained for much of the trip as she made up songs and stories. She also learned a new phrase from her now favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham: “Let me be!” It sure is cute right now. I’m just waiting for her to try it out on Mommy or Daddy!


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