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Eurofest in Maastricht, Netherlands

Eurofest in Maastricht, Netherlands
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This past weekend we had the incredible opportunity to travel by van through Germany into the Netherlands (AKA Holland) for the first ever Eurofest. Eurofest is patterned after the popular Church of God event in the US called Winterfest. At this event about 600 young people joined together for a weekend of worship and fellowship. It was a blessing to be a part of the event especially since it was also a joint effort between the Church of God and the Church of God of Prophecy.

There was a large turnout from Western Europe especially from the countries of England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. We brought the only group from Central and Eastern Europe. In many ways there is still a great distinction between Eastern and Western Europe. We “felt” a difference in environment during our short visit to Western Europe. That is not to say that one is good and one is bad. There just still seems to remain a separateness to them and this carries over in the church. In fact, after Jon shared about the discipleship program I was shocked when some young people asked me where Prague was exactly! On the way home we talked with the girls that came with us about the event. We asked them if they thought Eastern Europe should have their own event. They said that even though there are obstacles such as cost (Western Europe is much more expensive than Eastern Europe) and distance (we travelled the furtest for the event with the exception of perhaps those coming from the British Isles) they still thought it should be one event because it is called “Eurofest” with a theme of unity. We hope to be able to help make sure next time we have not just one van load travelling to Eurofest from Eastern Europe, but several van loads!

All of the music, speakers, and drama teams did an excellent job. I thought Eloise would not want to be in the services because of all the loud noises. I was wrong. She literally woke up with her first words being: “The crazy noises are sometimes fun to listen to music!” This run on sentence was her way of saying “Sometimes crazy noises are fun!” She certainly got her earful of crazy noises and her eyes full of some very enthusiastic young people!


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