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International Praise

International Praise
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It was very common when listening to introductions to hear someone say “I am originally from…, but now I am from…” We even fit into this pattern: “We are originally from the US, but now we are from Prague.” The vast majority of the population at this Eurofest were of a different ethnic background than is usually associated with Western Europe! We met and saw people from Asia, Africa, Jamaica, Middle East, etc. This mix of people made the event truly international! It was a wonderful experience to see all of these young people with different backgrounds praising God.

While we were at the event I noticed a woman that looked familiar to me. I approached her to introduce myself and it turned out that she was a student at ETS with me almost ten years ago. Her name is Lydia (speaking of cultural diversity…this woman is Italian, but came from France, to go to school in Germany and could speak about five languages). She now lives in Holland with her husband and two children where they are ministering in their local church. (That last bit of information was for Alethea’s benefit, my friend who also attended ETS with me during that time!) It was great reconnecting with her.


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