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While I was in Poland we stopped on the final day to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is hard to describe what the experience is like, but it certainly leaves an indelible impression. The camp is broken into two main locations Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz 2 or Birkenau. There was only one gas chamber and crematorium at Auschwitz 1. So, Birkenau was built to expand the Nazi’s ability to extinguish human lives in greater volume. It was a pure killing machine. There are many pictures that I have chosen not to include below. I think we have all seen the surreal pictures of emaciated bodies and trenches filled with corpses. Instead, I have selected a few photos from the grounds themselves just to leave you with a bit of my experience there. In case you cannot read the text on the memorial in this picture it says, “To the memory of the men, women, and children who fell victim to the Nazi genocide. Here lie their ashes. May their souls rest in peace.”


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