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Every Day Life

Jon has lots to share from his trip to Hungary, but he has been very busy! So I will continue to post and he can catch up when he gets a chance! Yesterday Eloise and I went to the playground with some friends. A middle eastern woman and her children were at the playground as well. After some time she approached us for some conversation. Her english was a bit broken, but we could communicate. She explained that she and her family are from Iraq. Her husband is a diplomat living in Prague…she referred to him as the “chancellor” (please always excuse my spelling mistakes) for Prague from Iraq. I found the whole simple, and perhaps, common, encounter intriguing. I don’t think I have ever spoken to someone from Iraq! It is quite amazing what every day life in Prague can bring.

Today our good friends Ann-marie and Lydia invited Eloise and I to travel to the mall with them to explore a possible fun filled place for the kids. A few of the malls in the area have these places where mothers can leave their children ages 3 and older while they shop. There are qualified personnel working to attend to the children. We just took our daughters, both obviously under age 3, to have fun at one of these neat places. Most of these centers also have a coffee bar area where the mothers can relax while the children play. We had a great time! There was a big “pit” of colorful balls where the girls could play as well as a huge airplane model that the children could climb into. Eloise loved both of these as well as the many varied toys scattered around.

I commented to Ann-marie that we are blessed to have so many places to explore (and even more so with the help of her car!).


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