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Double Date

Double Date
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We went out on our first double date (without Eloise) last night since our arrival in Prague. The other couple, Phil and Shanna Davis, made us feel right at home. This young missionary couple have two very small children, moved here from North Carolina, and are planting a church for the local international community. They are sponsored through their home church in Charlotte, NC and through World Harvest. We felt an immediate kinship with them. They are great people! They moved here within a week of when we first arrived so we are on parrellel journeys as missionaries. They met while doing missionary service in Russia. Shanna is originally from sunny California and Phil is originally from Virgina. Their two children, Lucy and Clark are absolute dolls. Jon first connected with Phil when he came to “czech” Prague out almost two years ago this coming March. Phil was also here scoping the land for their future arrival.

Our friend Krystina watched Eloise for us while we were out. I told her she was having a “play date” with Krystina. She was so excited and happy all night. When we came home she excitedly ran to give us a hug and then ran back to her room to play some more.


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