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Eloise and Lucy

Eloise and Lucy
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

This morning we (Jon, Emily, and Eloise) went to Letna park with our friends, Phil, Shanna, Lucy, and Clark Davis. They also brought along a brave 17 year-old girl neamed Joy that ventured to Prague from the US all by herself to spend a month with the Davis’s just helping out however she can. Letna park is a beautiful park that overlooks the city. It has a nice playground for the children as well as some restaurants for a nice lunch near the overlook. In this picture you see Eloise and Lucy playing side by side in the sand box. Eloise LOVES the sand box. She can get lost in her own little world as she comes up with “food” to make and has animal friends such as “tropical bird” and “dinosaur” eat her creations. However, it is always more fun when a friend is playing close by. I did not think she noticed much when we went with friends as opposed to when we went by ourselves, but the other day she let me know that she was very sad that Lydia (another friend!) was not with us in the sandbox. I guess “parrallel play” really is their own way of interacting! Lucy and Eloise are going to be great friends!


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