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Day Trip

Yesterday we travelled to Dresden, Germany by van. Because our visas are not finalized yet we must leave the country every three months. A “tourist” with just a passport and not a visa is only allowed to stay in the country for up to three months. Jon was able to get his passport stamped when he left to go to Hungary, but Eloise and I were officially illegal! We had been in Prague for over three months and needed to get some stamps! The drive to Dresden is supposed to take 2 hours. We were looking forward to a nice family day trip. Well, it did not quite turn out that way. Because of traffic, construction, and roads being closed it took about 3 hours on a windy, hilly road to arrive in Prague. On the way we passed through a czech border town that specializes in offering “goods” and “services” that must be illegal in Germany. It would probably not be in good taste to describe this much further in our blog page. I’ll let your imagination figure out what I am talking about. Let me just say that the “goods” and “services” were blatantly advertised all along the side of the road by live human beings and we found ourselves in a state of shock. We had never seen anything like it.

So we ended up driving straight to Dresden in order to go to a Walmart we never could find because of roads being closed. We then turned around and drove straight back home, passing the area of “creative” advertisement once again. We were in the car for over 7 hours and only got out once.

I felt sorry for Eloise because she had been soooo excited about our “trip”. I wondered what she thought when after 7 plus hours of driving we arrived back home once again. But I have to say that she still seemed to enjoyed the trip. She NEVER cried or complained once and only had a 30 minute nap in the car! She played, sang songs, and watched videos the whole time. Her favorite songs right now are: “The Little Light of Mine” and “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart”.

And after all, our mission, to get our passports stamped, was completed! The trip, in a very practical sense, was a success! We also got to see some nice German villages and country sides and see some “interesting”, although disturbing and sad, places in the Czech Republic.


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