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Just Enough to Get Into Trouble

A couple of days ago I road up in the elevator with an elderly gentleman. He was probably in his late 70’s or early 80’s. Once he figured out I could not speak Czech He asked me if I spoke German. I told him: “Only a little bit”. He then commented about me being pregnant. I nodded and said yes. He then asked me something that I THOUGHT he meant to be “Is this your first or second child?” I told him second. He was surprised and basically said: “Wow!” I was a little confused by what was so astonishing about me having a second child. It was not until a couple of hours later that I realized I had told him I was having twins. Although I don’t know how, I will have some explaining to do when I see him in our apartment building next month with only one tiny baby in my arms! I have told Jon in the past that I only know enough German to get into trouble. Case in point!

Eloise newsflash: Eloise has become intrigued by the fact that Mommy’s name is “Emily” and Daddy’s name is “Jon”. We have explained that she is special and gets to call us “Mommy” and “Daddy”. She seems to like this. This morning when Jon and I were talking she walked up to us and said: “Jon and Emily are talking!” We laughed and I then asked her: “What do you call Emily?” She said: “Mommy!” and then I asked: “What do you call Jon?” She said: “Daddy!” Today when we left our CORE meeting (adminstrative meeting for our fellowship) Eloise turned to everyone as though she had been a participant at the meeting (I guess she had!) and said: “Alright! See you soon! Bye everybody!”

This Eloise newsflash have been brought to you by Eloise’s mommy, Emily Stone, and is recommended mostly for grandparent audiences. : )

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