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They Have Arrived!

They Have Arrived!
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Yay! The interns who will be working with us for the next nine months have arrived! From left to right, eating at the restaurant, Boulevarde Crocadile beside our apartment building, are Jessica Zerbe (TX), Kelley Thacker (KY), Brad Gleeson (GA), Jon, Michael Adams (PA). After some minor delays and complications with their flights they all arrived safely last night. They look a little dazed, but time will fix that! I remember that feeling only too well! Today Jon took them all over Prague by tram and metro in order to get them acquainted with public transportation. Tonight they all went to the Tuesday evening service at the coffee shop. I am sure they are exhausted! Hopefull they will be able to sleep tonight despite the time change!

While they were fighting sleepiness and seeing Prague through a jetlag induced haze Eloise and I went on yet another adventure…

3 comments on “They Have Arrived!

  1. Pucca
    September 6, 2005

    good blog!


  2. dave sand flop
    September 7, 2005

    hey John and emily, mike and jessssssssssss. i just wated to say i miss you guys very bad and i LOVE you so MUCH, i will even do a bellyflop in the sand for you guys again, have fun mike and jess.

  3. pjet
    September 10, 2005

    Hey guys!
    Everyone looks great. We are praying for you and miss you very much.


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