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Jon’s Famous Spaghetti

Jon’s Famous Spaghetti
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Tonight the four interns came over to share some dinner with us. Jon made his famous spaghetti. This was my idea. Of course, I was craving it, but it was pretty convenient since I did not have to cook! He did a great job! This morning we went on a grocery shopping adventure in order to show them more of the neighborhood and to introduce them to the area food supplies…grocery stores, potraviny (small market stores), fruit and vegetable stands, meat markets, etc. All four interns still look slightly dazed, but seem to be hanging in there. Hopefully we are sensitive enough to their adjustment! We are so excited that they are here we may be pushing them a little too much! However, since they left from our apartment only to see more of the city I think that is a pretty good sign that they are doing well.

I had a Dr appt at noon so I made my trek over to Podoli Hospital. Everything looks great!


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