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Eloise’s birthday is this coming Sunday. She will be 2! And she can tell you this herself if you ask her! This celebrative occasion has brought the wonderful result of us getting mail in our post office box! In fact, we have even received some packages! If we are not home when the mail arrives (which is between 10 and 11 AM and Jon thinks it is funny that I know this!) then we get a fun little notice telling us, in czech, that we need to go to the post office (posta) after about 6 or 7 PM to pick up a package! Yippee! The post office is a convenient short walk from our apartment, as so many things are, so Eloise and I have fun on these evening excursions. Here is Eloise waiting with Mommy for our package to be found.

Speaking of things being convenient…I had been worried because I will soon run out of prenatal vitamins. I came up with this elaborate scheme to get them sent to me from the US. When I shared this plan with Jon he said: “Well, mothers take prenatal vitamins here I am sure…why can’t you just ask your dr where to get them?” I was not too keen on this idea. I think it was one more way to cut my umbilical cord from the States. Well, I had to ask my Doctor at my appointment yesterday and he told me what kind to get. I also had to go to the pharmacy to get some iron supplements because my iron levels are low.

So, I walked across the street to the pharmacy…yes we even have a pharmacy across the street. It literally took less than 5 minutes to get both the iron supplements and the prenatal vitamins…and together they were less expensive than what I would have paid in the States.

As I walked home I remembered the hour I spent waiting in line at Walgreens to fill my prescription for prenatal vitamins. I had to laugh at my myself and my own resistance to really embracing our new lives here…even things that are much better for us! Oh, well! God is patient with me!


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