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4 PM

4 PM
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Jon had to go meet someone quickly about an event that was happening at the fellowship’s coffee shop so I was busily and happily finishing up our mexican feast while Eloise was watching her brand new Dora DVD. Jon walked back in the door and I decided to go check on Eloise. I walked in to find her sitting straight up on the couch fast asleep. We laid her down to this position while both Jon and I stared at her…lovingly, amused, and a little perplexed on how to proceed. The party starts in thirty minutes!

We decide to let her sleep until right before the guests arrived. I gently patted her and tried to coax her out of her DEEP slumber with Dora the Explorer Fruit Snacks, a favorite treat. Not happening. So then we offered a small gift we had been planning on giving her later. She sat up.

For the first half of the party she sat on the couch with a blank stare. A while later she retreated to Lillian’s room where she could be alone and eat some peanut butter bread. But, it was all worth it when we brought out the cake. She had asked for a “chocolate and pink cake”. Thanks to Ann-marie’s food coloring we were able to make this happen. Daddy brought out the cake with a “number two” candle burning brightly and Eloise looked around at everyone wearing party hats singing “Happy Birthday”…to her! I wish I could have captured her face. It was pure delight. You could tell that she felt so important! She KNEW that it was her party and they were singing to her!

She brightened up after that and even said “Bye, Everybody!” as people were leaving. The party was a success!


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