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Most emails I receive from home in the States from family and friends ask similar questions so I thought I would do a blog post that provides some updated information.

Eloise Update: Eloise is doing great! She is a happy two year old. Yesterday she had her first dance/movement class without her mommy. She did fabulous. I told her I would be in the next room and she barely glanced at me as I left. She was too busy watching the other little girls. The teacher says that is what she likes to do: watch and think. The teacher still encouraged me to allow Eloise to continue the class because it is obvious she is interested and shows no signs of being afraid. I had a great time…there is a little cafe area in the room next door where mothers can hang out, have something to drink and eat, and relax! I sat back and read for 45 minutes…getting up every 5-10 minutes to peek at Eloise. Pray for little Eloise as she transitions to gain a new identity within the next few weeks: Big Sister!

Pregnancy Update: I have appointments every week now and things look great. Here in the Czech Republic they do a CTG where they monitor the baby’s heartbeat for 20 minutes EVERY week the last month of pregnancy. This test is not performed as routine in the States. However, here in the land of socialized medicine, they are very cautious. I had my first CTG on Monday. I was motioned to sit down in a glider (the jolly elderly lady spoke only czech) in a line of 4 or 5 other women while we all listened to the heartbeats of our soon arriving babies. I had the best seat…looking out the window over the Vltava River. Later on at that same appointment I visited a hospital accountant to pay a particular fee. She kept trying to communicate something to me. She thought if she said it over and over I would eventually get it. Then she tried to write it out in czech for me. I hated to keep telling this nice lady that I had no idea what she was saying. After failed attempts to contact czech speaking friends to help me over the phone she was able to call my doctor who relayed the message to me. WHEW! Please pray that during the delivery we are able to communicate as needed! 3 weeks and 3 days until the due date!

Weather Update: Autumn is certainly here. Last week the weather took what seemed to be a dramatic turn from very warm days to cooler days. Despite some rain over the weekend the days are still beautiful. We must wear sweaters and even coats now, but the city seems to sparkle in the sun…of course, fall has always been a favorite for me. This would be an excellent time to visit Prague. The main tourist flock has left and the weather is perfect for siteseeing.

Ministry Update: Jon is busy leading two weekly services and administering the internships of our four young people from the US. There are always new things happening within the fellowship. It is surprising how much energy a relatively small community of believers can generate. So many committed people, so many gifts, so much care for Prague, for those unsaved, and for those within the community itself. Pray for God’s direction, annointing, and power. Jon and I both enjoy the blessing and honor of being a part of such a community of disciples of Christ.

Well, I think that is all for the updates! To all of you that check in on us through our blog…thank you! We love feeling connected!


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