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"I’m Just Eloise!"

"I’m Just Eloise!"
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Tonight we went to a shopping center that functions as a strip mall with the two largest stores being the Swiss furniture store, Ikea (very popular here) and Tesco, the European Wal-mart. We take trips to this shopping center about once a month to stock up on certain items. It is about a 30 minute car ride and an hour long metro and bus ride to get there. One such item we stocked up on is Maple and Brown Sugar instant oatmeal. It is located in their “International Food” section. Although it is a little expensive this happens to be Eloise’s all time favorite breakfast food so we were thrilled to find it. Speaking of Tesco…in terms of percentages or ratios or something like that…it is actually, relatively speaking, more popular in Europe than Wal-mart is in the US! I think the official language was something like:”Tesco has a greater market share in Europe than Wal-mart has in the US”. I had never even heard of Tesco before coming to Prague!

Here you see a picture of Eloise standing in the McDonald’s that we visited tonight. She was very happy because when she walked in she looked up at the walls and said: “Look! There are my friends!” To whom was she pointing? Pictures of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore! Good thing she considers these characters her friends since she now calls Daddy Tigger 90% of the time. And I’m piglet about 50% of the time. She said to us later: “Look, there are your pictures!” as she pointed to the walls again.

A friend recently pointed out that Eloise looks a lot like her daddy. I asked her later on: “Do you look like your Daddy?” She replied: “No. I’m just Eloise.” I completely agree.


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