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Bedtime Reading

Bedtime Reading
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Eloise’s bed is very close to the ground since Jon removed the legs. We did this for safety reasons and were curious to see if Eloise would stay in bed for naps and night time sleeping. It seemed that she had no problem doing this. However, we have recently noticed that if we check on her either after she is asleep or if she is having trouble going to sleep that, mysteriously, books appear on her bed that were not there when we left. How could this be? We just knew our little angel was not getting out of her bed when she should be going to sleep! Yeah, right! I caught her in the act one day…little miss was scrambling back up to her bed with a book looking wide eyed and guilty. Of course, we don’t scold this behavior. After all…mommy and daddy enjoy this little habit as well. What IS funny, and a little odd, is that sometimes when I go in to cover her up at night after she is asleep there are books on her bed. I wonder…does she have night time vision? Here is a picture of how we found Eloise yesterday after her nap.


2 comments on “Bedtime Reading

  1. Mimi
    September 27, 2005

    Maybe Mimi should get you a flashlight, Eloise!

  2. Uncle Ken
    October 5, 2005

    I’m glad to see that Eloise has inherited some habits that her Uncle Ken shares with her parents! 🙂

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