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Butterfly Princess

Butterfly Princess
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Eloise has a dress up outfit that we refer to as her “butterfly princess” outfit. She like to play in it every so often. Here she is dancing around with her “royal sceptor”.

Please notice in the background of this picture and the next one that there are great works of art accomplished on the walls by none other than Eloise Stone. These creations of crayon have happened before, but we thought that phase was over. Evidently we were wrong. I thought I heard some furious scribbling going on the other day as I was making Eloise’s breakfast. Because she is not that into crayons right now I never imagined what was actually going on. I have never seen her color with crayons that much in her life! Jon says he can just imagine how intrigued she was by the pretty dark purple on the stark white walls. No, we don’t know how we are going to get it off yet and please don’t tell our landlord. We HAVE had a serious conversation with Eloise and she seems to understand that since she KNOWS we only color on paper on her easel or in coloring books that next time will require some time out. We’ll see what happens.

I had an apppintment today at the hospital where they monitored Lillian’s heartbeat once again. Everything is “dobry”, which means “good” in Czech. Good thing I know that since the nice lady said it everytime she checked on me. What was a little interesting is that the receptionist told me (through gestures, pointing, using the English abilities of two people, and my feeble knowledge of czech) that I must have an official czech translation of our marriage certificate. Hmmmm. NOW they tell me! I am due in 2 weeks and 4 days.


2 comments on “Butterfly Princess

  1. Mimi
    September 27, 2005

    Mimi thinks it must have been a little blue fairy that colored on the wall. The little blue fairy was so happy to see the pretty and ever so sweet butterfly princess that she went a little nuts! 🙂

  2. aunt robin
    September 27, 2005

    aunt nobin also agrees with mimi.
    out little butterfly princess is so pretty and ever so sweet.

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