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Happy Day!

Happy Day!
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We had a great day today! Eloise and I had a nice morning together until about 11:30 AM at which point Daddy came home and took over watching Eloise so that Mommy could spend a few hours talking and having lunch with two wonderful women here in Prague, Ann-marie and Shanna, at a cool new restaurant. As soon as Mommy got home the whole family went to Letna Park to meet the interns and spend some time playing! Here you see Eloise seesawing with Kelly. Eloise has a great time running around, playing in the sandbox, going down the slide, etc. Every Friday evening Daddy has a “class” for his doctoral program. He goes to the Project Antioch Office where they have high speed internet in order to participate in a class being hosted in the US! Isn’t technology great! Well, while Daddy was gone we had another girls’ night when Jessica and Kelly came over to hang out, watch some Dora with Eloise, and watch a movie with Mommy. As I said in my previous posts…I am collecting these moments of sunshine and freedom!


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