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Old Town Square

Old Town Square
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Today was another beautiful autumn day in Prague. Once Eloise and I were outside we did not want to go back in! Eloise had her dance class today, which is located in Old Town. She gets so excited to go “dance with the other little girls”! I really enjoy the trip, too, since we walk right through Old Town Square and other parts of Old Town to get there. Not to mention the laid back 45 minutes I have to enjoy reading and a cup of tea! I thought I would take a picture of one of the sites I enjoy on our way to the class.

Jon went to a gathering this morning of english speaking ministers in the area…largely evangelical. They spend the time once a month in prayer for each other and their respective ministries. Tonight was our weekly Tuesday service held at the coffee shop. New faces have been attending the meeting and it is a meaningful time of fellowship, worship, and God’s word.

After Eloise and I returned home for the day my father surprised me with a phone call! This phone call was special because he did a conference call so that my dad in Tennessee, my brother, Aaron, in California, and I, in Prague, could all talk. It was great being able to talk to my not-so-little brother! Have fun in LA, Aaron!


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