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Roughin’ It

Roughin’ It
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For those of you family and friends that have ever used the words “dainty” or “prissy” to describe my little girl, and I’ve heard you do it so don’t deny it, you should come with us to the playground. Eloise likes to lay down flat on the sand and pretend she is in the water swimming. She “fell” down into this position close to 10 times today as she ran around and around the playground. People looked at her like the cutie that she is, but they looked at me like maybe something was wrong with a mother who let her child fall in the dirt over and over! She is the only child I see doing this by the way.

I met a very nice young mother of a 13 month old girl at the playground today that spoke English. She ended up telling me that she has a friend who gave birth at Podoli hospital (my hospital) just last week. Her doctor? Dr. Krofta (my doctor)! She said the labor lasted just 3 hours. I think God is trying to keep me encouraged!


One comment on “Roughin’ It

  1. Aaron
    October 5, 2005

    this is probably my favorite picture of Eloise, so far. I would say she’s a tough cookie, but I don’t want to say what she is or isn’t. She reminds me of a tough cookie, I’ll say that, ok?

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