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Nesting and Names

Nesting: I want to send thanks out to Jessica and Kelly who volunteered to come over and help me “nest” (AKA clean) in preparation for Lillian’s birth. You girls are amazing! They tried, in conjunction with Jon, to surprise me with this gift, but it does not seem that I am that easy to surprise. We had more fun this way, though. After we turned up the music and had a cleaning party (right along with Eloise) I made them dinner and we waited until the fellas came back from having a “Guy’s Night Out” to watch a movie together. I feel so blessed to be along for the ride as these dedicated young people serve God in Prague!

Names: There is a playground close by our apartment that Eloise and I frequent. I had hopes right away that I would be able to connect with mothers while spending time with Eloise there. My own issues of intimidation led me to prematurely embrace discouragement…and we have only been here four and a half months! Well, the last three days while we have hung out at the sandbox (on extraordinarily beautiful days) I have met a czech mother each day. Not only did I talk with them, which has happened in the past, but I also got their names and the names of their children. They were all so nice and receptive to me…and they all spoke English. I have seen most of them around over the summer and it seems that familiarity finally paved the way for us to connect. One mother and I walked home together today. God knows that I need these relationships…I am reminded of my favorite high school teacher. He was agnostic and as a passionate 16 year old I was just sure God was going to use me to “save” him. I am sure God DID use me, but I also know that God used that high school teacher, who did not even know if he believed in God, to change ME. I pray and anticipate the same as we live out our faith here in Prague, the most atheistic city in Europe.

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