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Fitting For a Princess

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Lillian will be born at the foot of a castle, Vysehrad Castle to be specific. You can see the orange tile roof of the hospital on the middle right hand side of the picture. The castle grounds is to the left above the hospital roof. You can see the wall to the castle grounds as well as the spires of the chapel.

In the 10th century, 70 years after the establishment of Prague Castle, a church and fortified trading post were constructed on a cliff top above the Vltava River on the heights of Vysehrad. In 1085, Vratislav II, a prince of Bohemia’s founding Premyslid dynasty, built a castle here and Vysehrad, or “Castle on the Heights”, became the stronghold of Prague.

40 years later, his successors returned to Prague Castle. Although not much remains of the castle, Vysehrad none-the-less makes a pleasant excursion out of the hustle and bustle of Prague centre. Visitors enjoy fine views and peaceful walks through the landscaped gardens of Vysehrad church and the ruins of the ancient buildings.

Many of Prague’s great artists, scribes, musicians and politicians lie buried in the cemetery adjacent to the church.

So Lillian is beginning her life as a princess in our family quite appropriately!

Obviously, there is no news yet about labor or delivery. I spent 4-6 hours both Monday and Tuesday at the hospital as my doctor requested several CTG monitors of Lillian’s heartbeat and movements. Everything is just fine. They are just very cautious here. Lillian would go to sleep each time they hooked me up to the monitors. I fought frustration as they rang cow bells at my oversized stomach trying to wake up my little angel. They would move my stomach around, clap their hands really loud…I wanted to say: “Hey, babies sleep…let her rest! I don’t want her to come out a nervous wreck!” I am thankful that I can count on quality care…just as long as I can overcome my own anxieties about the testing! In the US tests often mean something is wrong. Here they mean: “Well, everything is normal, but let’s keep monitoring everything just in case anyway!”

The weather is beautiful. I included some pictures from my travels to and from the hospital.


One comment on “Fitting For a Princess

  1. robin
    October 13, 2005

    Emily,I really got a laugh about the cowbells. I’ve actually used a cell phone and put it on vibtrate and held it against the mommys tummy to get the baby to move.whatever it takes. ha love ya

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