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Some of our readers who have been with us from the beginning may remember my descriptions of our grocery shopping here in Prague. Although the differences in grocery shopping here was a cultural adjustment for us in the beginning, we are thankful for the conveniences our location of residences affords us. For most items we just go downstairs to a local “potraviny” or small grocery store. Most neighborhoods have them. There are also fruit and vegetable stands close by as well as a meat market. There are certain items, such as bread, for which we must go to a larger grocery story. Although this larger grocery store, named “Delvita”, is very close to us it is still a bit more of a stressful trip for us. We try to only go once a week. When it stays once a week it is a fun outing for Eloise and me.

Anyway, yesterday Eloise and I made our trek to the Delvita. We have to be careful not to get too much so we can manage to carry it back home and that is becoming more difficult the more pregnant I am! Jon would certainly go for me and often does, but I also just like to go with Eloise. We’ll see how that changes once I have TWO little ones! When we arrived back home and I started making supper I realized that I had some how misplaced the onions I purchased. I was a little frustrated because I would have to go back out to the vegetable stand to get an onion before I could start dinner. And I was also just frustrated over the little bit of money that had been wasted although it wasn’t much at all. Well, I still enjoyed the Autumn air as I walked to the very close vegetable stand. When I gave the man my money he did not have correct change. Without being able to communicate he smiled and just handed the onions to me. Granted, onions do not cost that much at all here, but I was still in shock over his kindness. As I thought about arguing he quickly walked away so I would have no one to argue with. So I turned and slowly walked away.

At the exact moment I got back to my apartment entrance I looked up to see a mother I had connected with several days ago. I had really enjoyed my time with her and wasn’t sure if I would see her again because I was pretty certain she went to the playground at a different time than I did. I was so happy to see her and she surprised me by remembering my name as well as Eloise’s name. We talked briefly and I was able to find out when she goes to the playground.

I still don’t know what happened to those onions.

Coincidence? Maybe. Probably not.

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