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Missionaries and Victims of Communism

Missionaries and Victims of Communism
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The interns that are here serving as a part of the organization “The Mission”, with which Jon and I are affiliated through the Church of God, have a set time each week where Jon arranges for training in a more didactic format. Today he arranged for Phil Davis to come and share about Church Planting. Phil and his wife, Shanna, (see previous posts for pictures and see our links for their blog) are missionaries here in Prague with another organization. They moved to Prague just within weeks of our arrival. Phil and Shanna have experience in church planting and are here to plant a church to serve the large international community here in Prague. The interns, or missionaries in training, are blessed to have someone with Phil’s knowledge to share with them. In fact, Prague is an ideal place for these interns to get this kind of experience and mentoring.

There are missionaries here in Prague from various organizations. Prague has been referred to as a “missionary graveyard”. We have been told that the average length of time a missionary will stay in Prague is only one year. The strong undercurrent of a hardened attitude toward anything religious at all communicates a very strong, sometimes covert, sometimes overt unwelcoming stance against christians. The law says that no church that was not here before the fall of communism can be officially approved or recognized unless there are at least 300 czech citizens in membership. It seems ironic. They obviously celebrated the fall of communism, but still hold to the ideologies regarding religion that existed during that time period…obviously without the same fervor or outright mistreatment.

The picture you see with this blog post is of a monument to the victims of communism. The plaque to the side of the monument reads: “The Memorial To The Victims of Communism Is Dedicated To All Victims, Not Only Those Who Were Jailed or Executed But Also Those Whose Lives Were Ruined By Totalitarian Despotism”. The monument is quite striking…the expression on the man’s face, the deterioration of his self, etc. I am certain there are significances that we cannot comprehend.

The people of Prague, just as those in any country including the US, face spiritual strongholds that are specific to their history and culture. Please join us in prayer against these strongholds and for the missionaries and christians that live out their faith daily, shining the light of Christ’s freedom, peace, and joy.

We are all missionaries in training. And there are still victims of spiritual strongholds.


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