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The Big Night

The Big Night
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So, what were we doing on the night of the big arrival? We were walking around downtown trying to get in one last fun-filled family outing before the advent of Lillian. Within a few hours of me taking this picture we would be loading up to go to the hospital. It does look majestic don’t you think? The funny thing is that you can see the full moon hanging over the city. Ask any doctor or nurse that works in a labor & delivery unit and they will tell you that there is a widespread belief among maternity ward staff that more babies come during full moons. This belief is often strongly held even in full recognition that there are serious and reputable studies that have claimed to show this idea false. Well, I have to admit that the maternity ward was over-crowded. Emily had to share a room with three other new mothers for the first night, and moms had to go to the nursery to see their newborns, instead of having them brought to them, because there were more babies than the staff could handle delivering! Coincidence?

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