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healthy baby

healthy baby
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In the Czech Republic parents are required to have their newborns checked by a pediatrician within two or three days after the baby is released from the hospital. That could have been a little stressful for us, but not when the pediatricians make home visits!! That’s right! We did not have to leave our apartment. Dr. Ticha, Lillian’s pediatrician came to us! Her conclusion? Lillian is a beautiful, healthy baby!

Dr. Ticha gave us prescriptions for very low dosages of vitamin K and vitamin D to give to Lillian. Jon walked across the street to the pharmacy to purchase these two items along with some rubbing alcohol. When the price came to 35 crowns (a little more than a dollar) for both prescriptions and the alcohol Jon just stared at the cash register in shock for a moment. I guess that makes up for the pancakes we had this morning with the maple syrup I found that cost almost 8$!! HAHA!


2 comments on “healthy baby

  1. Mimi
    October 22, 2005

    She is a very beautiful baby! Mimi can’t wait until Christmas to hold her and Eloise!

  2. real_raw_authentic
    October 22, 2005

    im glad to hear you, Emily, and Lillian are doing well. i remember, when i first met you, you were pregnant with Eolise; now, you have two beautiful girls.. (Jon’s gonna have his hands full, lol) God is sure blessing you. I wish many more for you all, and cant waite to see what else God may have in store!

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