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Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old
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I am two weeks old today! I had another doctor appointment on Thursday. This time we went to the office instead of having a home visit. It was a new cultural experience for my mother! The doctor says I look great! I am now over ten pounds. I have already been out on the town more than once and to the playground twice with my big sister. It turned cold today…low of 34 degrees tonight. Don’t worry grandparents! My parents keep me very warm! My daddy went to get my czech birth certificate last week and this week we will go to the American Embassy to get my American Birth Certificate and my American Passport. On my czech birth certificate it says my dad was born in “Little Rick, Arkansas” and it says my mother’s maiden name is “Brownova”. Here in the Czech Republic there is a feminine ending for last names. I guess they thought they should add it onto my mommy’s maiden name so people will know she is a girl!

One comment on “Two Weeks Old

  1. Rachel
    October 30, 2005

    Jon and Emily ,Congratulations on another beautiful daughter! What a blessing!!!!

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