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Eloise’s Hobbies

Eloise’s Hobbies
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Eloise loves to read! It’s one of her favorite hobbies. I have to admit, not that I’m biased or anything, that she has some very remarkable verbal skills, and at two years old can not only recognize all of her letters, she can also tell you what letter most words begin with when you ask her. But every now and then she still surprises even us. This is what I recently caught her trying to read in my office. It’s the Church of God World Mission’s Policy Manual. Is this some kind of a sign? The COGWM administrator’s who wrote this book will be glad to know that when I asked Eloise what she was reading she quickly replied, “The Bible.”


One comment on “Eloise’s Hobbies

  1. Sunny
    November 19, 2005

    This one really made me laugh! And you’re right, Eloise is incredibly gifted and expressive for her age!

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