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The Early Adventures of Lillian Stone

The Early Adventures of Lillian Stone
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This morning three week old Lillian Stone made her first journey by bus. In order to get signed up for czech insurance she must be examined by a physician chosen by the insurance company. We decided that it would be easiest if Jon stayed home with Eloise and I went with Lillian by myself. We had all gone through this process when we arrived in Prague and thought it would be fairly simple for me. I have only travelled by bus a few times and never on my own so I was happy to be “forced” to get myself more acclamated to using the bus system. It was also nice to ride out of the center of town to areas of Prague that I do not get to see often.

Once we got to the Motol hospital’s registration desk I was informed that I did not have an appointment. I assured them that I did and showed them the name of the physician. Well, lo and behold…I was at the wrong hospital! Thankfully I was able to take another bus just a stop away to another humongous hospital I had yet to visit. After wandering around for a while I walked into an office, asked if they spoke english, and told them I thought I was lost.

We finally found the pediatrician’s office who said that Lillian was a beautiful baby (tell me something I don’t already know! haha) and healthy. Then the pediatrician said I had to go have an HIV test performed. Now, is that three or four HIV tests I have had since moving to this country? I have lost count.

All in all, my little trip with Lillian was quite enjoyable. I loved experiencing the bus ride and I actually enjoyed getting lost at a strange hospital with a three week old baby. It is all an adventure! Even the smallest, mundane things.


One comment on “The Early Adventures of Lillian Stone

  1. mo
    November 15, 2005

    the hospital u mentioned is located in a beautiful area..

    by the way congrats

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