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Dr. Lynn Stone (AKA Jon’s Dad)

Dr. Lynn Stone (AKA Jon’s Dad)
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Jon’s parents enjoyed being around the various members of our fellowship here in Prague. They just flowed right along with our normal week! Jon’s dad went with him on Tuesday to the service where Jon preached. On Thursday morning Jon’s dad taught at the corporate discipleship time that Jon organizes for the interns and here you see a picture of Jon’s dad preaching at the Sunday morning service. Everyone was so blessed by his messages and his encouragement.


One comment on “Dr. Lynn Stone (AKA Jon’s Dad)

  1. Zack Andrews
    February 25, 2017

    Hey Jon….I came across your blog because I saw your recommendation for THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK.

    I just finished my first children’s book (I make horror films for a living…yes strange combination), called NARAH AND THE UNICORN. We got fully funded so the books will be printed and now we are able to donate a book to a children’s hospital or library with every new book purchased. I just wanted to share the project with you

    Love to hear your thoughts. I’m not a Dad yet, but my writing partner is and his daughter inspired the book. Thanks for taking a look.

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