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Eloise’s First Haircut!

Eloise’s First Haircut!
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Today Mommy and Eloise had a fun outing just for the two of them…to get Eloise’s first haircut! And I must say that she did it in style. You would have thought she had been getting haircuts for years! She acted like the whole experience was old news to her! Of course, some of that may have to do with the fact that where we get our hair cut has a little children’s area. She sat and watched “A Bug’s Life” while “Miss Eni” (quickly becoming our family hair stylist) cut her hair. We had so much fun!


One comment on “Eloise’s First Haircut!

  1. Mimi
    December 2, 2005

    Eloise looks like such a big girl. I can’t wait to play and read with her and have a tea party.

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