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Now, those are some cheeks! One of my favorite activities these days is kissing them!

Lillian and I went to see her pediatrician, Dr. Ticha, today. Dr. Ticha just kind of chuckled as the nurse read out her weight: 5.37 kg. She said: “She has gained a kg in one month!” (That is over two pounds) I said: “Is that ok?” Dr. Ticha said (in her wonderful czech accent): “Well, yes. It means she is getting plenty to eat!” Dr. Ticha says Lillian looks perfect.

So Lillian is now over 12 pounds and is 60 cm long. I love my big, happy, healthy baby!!! She already smiles so much!

Eloise stayed home with Jessica Zerbe. When Jessica left she and I were both surprised when Eloise spontaneously called out: “Nashledanou!” That is what the czech people say for “good-bye!”


2 comments on “Cheeky

  1. Mimi
    December 2, 2005

    I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks!

  2. Sunny
    December 2, 2005

    What an adorable picture! And, I’m proud of Eloise and excited to hear she is picking up Czech!

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