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Eloise’s New German Friend

Eloise’s New German Friend
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We meandered through the center of Nurnberg hoping to find a decent place to stay at a decent price. We prayed and stumbled across this cozy little hotel that had ONE room left. We grabbed it! We really enjoyed this place. It was festively decorated and even our room had a Santa Claus figure and an advent calendar to greet us. In the morning we enjoyed breakfast that was provided with the room. In true bed and breakfast fashion a german couple sat down next to us at our table. I was excited to be able to have a very small conversation with them in German. As we left the hotel I started up another short conversation in German with an older couple. It was fun to use the few words I know. And they made me feel good by praising my efforts.

Eloise is getting old enough now to understand the difference between staying in a hotel and being home in her own bed. For Jon and for me the word “home” still conjurs up pictures of Tennessee hills, but for my two year old daughter home means our apartment in Prague. So when she began to cry at the breakfast table and tell us that she wanted to go home we gathered our belongings and did just that: we traveled over the snow free roads back to the only home she knows: Cs. Armady 34, Prague, Czech Republic.


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