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Prague’s Fishy Christmas Tradition

Prague’s Fishy Christmas Tradition
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Ahhhh…the sights, the sounds, the smells of Christmas. The beautiful city of Prague is decked out in its best Christmas attire and as you walk along the streets you may hear Christmas carols being sung out over a sound system. You smile, thankful for all of God’s blessings this season and take a deep breath of …fish. Yep, that’s right. Here in Prague the Christmas meal of choice is not a honey cured ham or a slow cooked turkey, but a large, fresh fish. All through the city, on almost every street you can find stations such as the one pictured here where you can choose your fish straight from the large pool to take home for your Christmas feast. We have heard that some individuals, after purchasing their “Kapr” (carp), actually keep their fish live in their bathtub until it is time to cook it.

I have ordered a turkey.

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