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Our Babysitter for the Evening

Our Babysitter for the Evening
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It occured to us that I had not been out of the apartment in a week. In order to ward off any breakdown of his wife Jon wisely called in reinforcements while he and I (with Lillian asleep) went on a date.

Our reinforcement was our good friend, and intern, Jessica Zerbe, whom Eloise affectionately calls Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh…Eloise is Pooh, of course). I guess they had some fun while we were out because when I got ready to put our pictures on our computer this is what I found on our camera. Sorry, Jess! Hope you don’t mind! You left the picture on my camera and I coudn’t resist!

Jessica just got back from visiting long lost family that she has living in Paris. Yep, that’s right. She spent Christmas and New Year’s in Paris. How cool is that?!?! She had a wonderful time and we are so happy to have her back home.


One comment on “Our Babysitter for the Evening

  1. jessica
    January 8, 2006

    who is that foxy lady?

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