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Suicide Bridge

There is a bridge that cars cross over every day in Prague. The official name of this bridge is “Nusle Bridge”. Nusle is a section of town in Prague. There are sections of town with different names such as Dejvice, the name of our section of town. There are also larger portions of Prague that are organized by numbers. For example, we live in Prague 6. Each numerically named parts of town may have a few sections such as Dejvice, Bubenec, Starometske, Malastranske, Nusle, Novy Smichov, etc. The Nusle Bridge, however, has an unofficial name as well. It is sometimes referred to as “Suicide Bridge”. The unofficial name of the bridge sadly describes what it is used for. The height of the bridge offers little doubt as to the result of a jump off of its side. The bridge has come to symbolize for us a cry out of the depths of the city for hope and meaning in what the young people percieve to be a hopeless and meaningless existence in a hopeless and meaningless world.

Directly underneath this bridge every Tueday evening our small fellowship meets to worship the God that is all hope and meaning. In fact, the entire building, the YWEA project purchase from just a couple of years ago, is owned by our fellowship. Presently the building is being rented out to a hostel while the main floor houses our coffee shop, itself a witness in the neighborhood and city. We believe that the position of the building is significant and critical in the plan of God for this city. Please pray with us that God works through this vessel to minister to the hopeless in Prague.

This morning as I stepped off of the tram and walked toward the coffee shop to participate in what has become a monthly women’s fellowship I looked way up at the large, ugly, concrete bridge and felt the heaviness and potential of my destination. When we walk through this city, when we are the church in this city, no matter what the purpose of our journey or the reason for our gathering, as the body of Christ we carry the Spirit of our Lord into dark places. I pray that God uses even the darkness to make our lights shine that much more bright.


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