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Care Package

Bathtub Portraits
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

My mother sent us a care package LOADED with goodies and it arrived today! Clothes, American chocolate, magazines, a DVD, and…Eloise’s favorite…bathtub toys. Her Mimi bought her more bathtub tints that change the color of the bath water. Mimi bought her some for Christmas and Eloise loves them so much that they are already gone! Eloise loves to take blue and red to make purple. She also gave Eloise some bathtub crayons. As you can see they have already been put to use. In fact, I am wondering how long they are going to last! Eloise and her daddy drew stick figures for Eloise, Lillian, and Daddy (ok, well, daddy did most of the drawing!). Eloise then directed her daddy to put a picture of Mommy all the way on the other side of the tub. Eloise then decided it woud be fun to erase everyone, starting with mommy, and draw them in different colors. I was blue, then pink.

Eloise LOVES bath time. She will spend up to an hour in the tub every night. Her Aunt Stephanie and Uncle David gave her bathtime Dora for Christmas. I witnessed bathtime Dora performing an acrobatic show last night. She does flips off of the side of the tub into the water quite superbly. If the splash is too big, though…as in it gets on Mommy and Lillian…Dora not only gets a low score, but Eloise has to get out of the tub!


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