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Train Trips and Road Trips for Daddy

Are Those Mimi’s Blue Eyes?
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

This morning Jon left at 6:30 AM to catch a train to Berlin. He is meeting with the Germany Overseer and pastor of the Berlin Church of God. Of course, some sight seeing is planned as well! He will get back at around midnight Thursday night only to grab a few hours of sleep before he packs up the very next morning on Friday to leave on a 10 hour road trip with the interns to Hungary. He will get back late Sunday evening from this trip. Although it will be five days total that he is gone from us I am thankful that I will get him for a few hours Thursday night in between trips!

This is a first for the three girls of this branch of the Stone family. Since the arrival of Lillian we have not been by ourselves without Jon. Since one of my friends here in Prague, another missionary with two little children, just faced 10 days of her husband’s absence I think I can face this relatively short excursion!

I was overwhelmed this morning by the care of other people. Within two hours I had two text messages checking in on me, one phone call, and three visitors! Mirka and her son Krystof came to spend the morning with us. Mirka is such a special person and I was thrilled to have some time to talk with her. Her little eight month old boy is a cutie that smiles all the time. While Mirka was visiting Michael, one of the interns, came by to see if I needed anything and ended up staying for a while. Eloise quickly capitalized on this situation and had Michael running races around our dining room table while Mirka and I played with the babies and talked. I stepped in to put an end to the racing when it became apparent that Michael was worn out!

While Jon is away we girls will play! I really enjoy spending time with people so I took care to make plenty of plans for us with friends while Jon was gone…so much that this introverted girl is now looking around to make sure I still have the alone time I need! God is so good.

2 comments on “Train Trips and Road Trips for Daddy

  1. robin
    February 22, 2006

    oh, she sure does have her Mimi’s
    eyes. they are just beautiful. I Can’t wait to get a hold of those
    baby cheeks. love robin

  2. Mimi
    February 23, 2006

    Jeepers, Creepers, where did you get those Peepers! 🙂
    Big Baby Blues!
    Mimi loves Lillian!

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